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Ingest Time Functions

Ingest time functions are evaluated on a stream during ingestion & can be used for data enrichment, redaction, log reduction, compliance, etc.

Ingest time function is defined using lua script & act on an individual record (row) , hence by default row is input to lua function being defined.

While defining ingest time function, one has to :

  1. toggle On 'Is Ingest Time Function?' control
  2. select stream name , from listed streams
  3. specify function name
  4. provide script defining behaviour of function , as mentioned above row is input to lua script being defined
  5. order of the function , the functions application be a stream are applied in order starting with lowest order to highest order.For eg: for a stream named 'demo' lets assume there are two ingest time functions :
    • function 1 with order as 1
    • function 2 with order as 2

During ingestion function 1 will be applied to 'demo' as it has lower order 1 , as compared to function 2 with order 2

Ingest Functions