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What are functions?

Functions in ZincObserve are defined using lua script & can used during ingestion & query to aid advanced capabilities like enrichment, redaction, log reduction, compliance, etc.

Based on function applicability , functions can be categorized as :

  1. Ingest time function
  2. Query function

Ingest time function : This type of function is applicable during ingestion for a specific stream.

Query function : This type of function is applicable to queries , doesn't need stream to be specified while defining function. This kind of function can be used for all the streams belonging one's organization.

There are also inbuilt query functions like match_all, match_all_ignore_case which can be used for full text search based on users settings for stream or default settings.

To navigate to functions in ZincObserve , select preferred organization using organization selection control, then click on Functions menu , which will take one to functions list screen. The screen lists all (ingest time & query type) the functions for selected organization.


List screen details :

  1. Search in listed functions
  2. Add new function
  3. Lua script for existing function
  4. Name of stream if function is ingest time function
  5. In case of ingest time function,order in which functions are applied starting with lowest order number to higher order number