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Environment Variables

Applicable to open source & enterprise version

ZincObserve is configure through the use of below environment variables.


Environment Variable Default Value Mandatory Description
ZO_ROOT_USER_EMAIL - On first run Email of first/super admin user
ZO_ROOT_USER_PASSWORD - On first run Password for first/super admin user
ZO_LOCAL_MODE true No If local mode is set to true ,ZincObserve becomes single node deployment, false indicates cluster mode deployment which supports multiple nodes with different roles. For local mode one needs to configure sled db, for cluster mode one needs to config etcd.
ZO_LOCAL_MODE_STORAGE disk No disk or s3, Applicable only for local mode , by default local disk is used as stoarge, we also support s3 in local mode.
ZO_NODE_ROLE all No Possible values are : all, ingester, quierier, compactor, router, alertmanager. A single node can have multiple roles id desired. Specify roles sperated by comma. e.g. compactor,alertmanager
ZO_HTTP_PORT 5080 No zinc server listen http port
ZO_GRPC_PORT 5081 No zinc server listen grpc port
ZO_GRPC_TIMEOUT 600 No grpc query timeout, default is 500 seconds
ZO_GRPC_ORG_HEADER_KEY zinc-org-id No header key for sending orgnization information for traces using OTLP over grpc
ZO_ROUTE_TIMEOUT 600 No timeout for router node.
ZO_INSTANCE_NAME - No in the cluster mode, each node has a instance name, default is instance hostname.
ZO_BASE_URI - No if you set ZincObserve with a prefix in k8s nginx ingress, you can set the prefix path.
ZO_DATA_DIR ./data/zincobserve/ No Defaults to "data" folder in current working directory if not provided.
ZO_DATA_WAL_DIR ./data/zincobserve/wal/ No local WAL data directory.
ZO_DATA_STREAM_DIR ./data/zincobserve/stream/ No streams local data storage directory ,applicable only for local mode.
ZO_TIME_STAMP_COL _timestamp No for each log line, if not present with this key , we add a timestamp with this key, used for queries with time range.
ZO_WIDENING_SCHEMA_EVOLUTION false No if set to false user can add new columns to data being ingested but changes to existing data for data type are not supported .
ZO_FEATURE_PER_THREAD_LOCK false No default we share a lock for each thread for WAL, enable this option to create one lock for per thread, it improves ingest performance, but results in more small data files, which will be merged by compactor to create larger merged files. This is particularly helpful when you are ingesting high speed data in a single stream.
ZO_FEATURE_FULLTEXT_ON_ALL_FIELDS false No default full text search uses log, message, data or selected stream fields. Enabling this option will perform full text search on each field, may hamper full text search performance
ZO_UI_ENABLED true No default we enable emebed UI, one can disable it.
ZO_METRICS_DEDUP_ENABLED true No enable de-dupliction for metrics
ZO_TRACING_ENABLED false No enable it to send traces to remote trace server.
OTEL_OTLP_HTTP_ENDPOINT - No remote trace server endpoint.
ZO_TRACING_HEADER_KEY Authorization No remote trace server endpoint authentication header key.
ZO_TRACING_HEADER_VALUE - No remote trace server endpoint authentication header value.
ZO_JSON_LIMIT 209715200 No The max playload size of json limit.
ZO_PAYLOAD_LIMIT 209715200 No The max playload size of http request body limit.
ZO_MAX_FILE_SIZE_ON_DISK 10 No max WAL file size before moving it to storage, default is 10MB, unit: MB
ZO_MAX_FILE_RETENTION_TIME 600 No max WAL file retention ttl, default is 600s, unit: second
ZO_FILE_PUSH_INTERVAL 10 No interval at which job moves files from WAL to storage, default 10s, unit: second
ZO_FILE_MOVE_THREAD_NUM - No number of threads for job to move WAL to storage, default equal to cpu_num.
ZO_QUERY_THREAD_NUM - No number of threads for searching in data files.
ZO_INGEST_ALLOWED_UPTO 5 No allow historical data ingest upto now - 5 hours data, default 5 hours, unit: hours
ZO_DATA_LIFECYCLE 0 No Data lifecycle, unit: day, default is 0 means disable. you can set it to 30, it means will auto delete data older than 30 days.
ZO_METRICS_LEADER_PUSH_INTERVAL 15 No interval at which current leader information is updated to metadata store , default 15s, unit: second
ZO_METRICS_LEADER_ELECTION_INTERVAL 30 No interval after which new leader for metrics will be elected , when data isnt received from current leader, default 30s, unit: second
ZO_COMPACT_ENABLED true No enable compact for small files.
ZO_COMPACT_INTERVAL 600 No interval at which job compacts small files into larger files. default is 600s, unit: second
ZO_COMPACT_MAX_FILE_SIZE 256 No max file size for a single compacted file, after compaction all files will be below this value. default is 256MB, unit: MB
ZO_MEMORY_CACHE_ENABLED true No enable in-memory caching for files, default is true, the latest files are cached for accelerated queries.
ZO_MEMORY_CACHE_CACHE_LATEST_FILES false No by default we just cache files required by data being queried, enable this option to cache all the latest generated files.Caching all latest generated files can accelerate the queries on latest data, the time range for latest cached files depends on the max cache size.
ZO_MEMORY_CACHE_MAX_SIZE - No default 50% of the total memory as used for in-memory cache , one can set it to desired amount unit: MB
ZO_MEMORY_CACHE_RELEASE_SIZE - No default drop 1% entries from in-memory cache as cache is full, one can set it to desired amount unit: MB
ZO_TELEMETRY true No Send anonymous telemetry info for improving ZincObserve. You can disable by set it to false
ZO_TELEMETRY_URL No OpenTelemetry report URL. You can report to your own server.
ZO_PROMETHEUS_ENABLED false No Enables prometheus metrics on /metrics endpoint
RUST_LOG info No log level, default is info, supports: error, warn, info, debug, trace
ZO_COLS_PER_RECORD_LIMIT 1000 No number of fields allowed per records during ingestion , records having more fields than configured value will be discarded

For local mode, ZincObserve use sled db as the metadata store. For cluster mode, ZincObserve use etcd as the metadata store.


Environment Variable Default Value Mandatory Description
ZO_ETCD_ADDR localhost:2379 No default etcd endpoint
ZO_ETCD_PREFIX /zinc/oxide/ No etcd keys prefix
ZO_ETCD_CONNECT_TIMEOUT 2 No endpoint connection timeout, unit: seconds
ZO_ETCD_COMMAND_TIMEOUT 5 No command execute timeout, unit: seconds
ZO_ETCD_LOCK_WAIT_TIMEOUT 60 No max ttl for a lock, the lock will report timeout above this limit.
ZO_ETCD_LOAD_PAGE_SIZE 10000 No set/change this to detect pagenation size for loading data from etcd.
ZO_ETCD_USER - No authentication, username, refer:
ZO_ETCD_PASSWORD - No authentication, password
ZO_ETCD_CLIENT_CERT_AUTH false No authentication with TLS, default is disabled, refer:
ZO_ETCD_TRUSTED_CA_FILE - No authentication with TLS, ca file path
ZO_ETCD_CERT_FILE - No authentication with TLS, cert file path
ZO_ETCD_KEY_FILE - No authentication with TLS, key file path
ZO_ETCD_DOMAIN_NAME - No authentication with TLS, cert domain name, default is empty, ZincObserve uses the domain in the cert

sled db

Environment Variable Default Value Mandatory Description
ZO_SLED_DATA_DIR ./data/zincobserve/db/ No sled db data directory.
ZO_SLED_PREFIX /zinc/oxide/ No sled db keys prefix .


Environment Variable Default Value Mandatory Description
ZO_S3_SERVER_URL - No default for aws s3 & leave it empty, but for minIO, gcs one should configure it.
ZO_S3_REGION_NAME - No region name
ZO_S3_ACCESS_KEY - No access key
ZO_S3_SECRET_KEY - No secret key
ZO_S3_BUCKET_NAME - No bucket name
ZO_S3_PROVIDER - No s3 provider name, like: gcs, oss, minio